Friday, 29 July 2011

In the doldrums already

Well, A174 has finally finished, last assignment submitted and nearly two months before the results will be announced. Also two months before I start the next course A215 Creative Writing. Am I suffering from withdrawal symptoms or have I always had that twitch in my eye?
     OK, I start a two week vacation next Thursday. Two weeks on a narrow boat on the Birmingham-Worcester canal and the rivers Severn and Avon should be nice and relaxing. It could also give me lots of material if I take my notebook with me. And I can work on chapter 2 of my novel in the evenings so all may not lost.
     Just finished chapter 1 of novel today, after a leave of absence of two weeks to work on course assignment. I say finished but it probably needs a little more tweeking, but that can happen after the  next chapter has been fleshed out. I might even put it up on this blog in the next day or two. It might benefit from some honest criticism. Wonder what happens about copyright when work is published on the blog?
     I was going to post some of my work from the course (two short items were put up yesterday) but was advised not to post the last assignment until it has been returned, and some of the other stuff, which I was so proud of a couple of weeks ago, just does not seem to be of merchantable quality.
     Well, enough for now and back to chapter 2. These novels don't write themselves you know.

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  1. Peter. I know what you mean about the doldrums. Good luck with the course results. Enjoy your holiday, I have always wanted to go on holiday on a narrow boat. I hope you get loads of inspiration.
    Trudy (Annie)